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Bigger Brains Video Training Give Your Staff the Advantage In The Workplace.

Video training to help staff to excel in today’s fast pace world.

Video Training for Business Staff

Get It Done With Us

Simple and easy short video format training.

Full Catalog Access

Use any of the 237+ courses already in the system or create your own training for staff quickly and easily.

User Reporting

Track individual progress & view management reports

Train from anywhere

Take courses on a computer, smartphone, or tablet

Workflow learning and reinforcement is
available for many courses.

BrainBot is an intelligent, AI-based chat-bot that works
with learners in their natural workflow without a
proprietary app. It sends short, periodic interactions to
help learners retain knowledge from training courses
(boosters) or to learn new information (lessons).

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The eLearning Platform for Small and Mid-Sized Teams.

The BrainStation LMS from Bigger Brains was built with the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. Pre-loaded with over 200 award-winning Bigger Brains courses, plus hundreds of free community courses, BrainStation is a great way to manage your organisation’s training programs, including adding custom content, assigning courses and due dates, and running reports. BrainStation is available online and also in Webex and Microsoft Teams through our Bigger Brains Apps.

Simple And Easy Interface

The Bigger Brains’ online classroom is the perfect way to improve the skills of your team.

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