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On-Demand Cloud Services

New age Cloud-based services provided on an on-demand basis giving us the ability to scale services to match business size.

Microsoft 365 for Business

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Miosa 24 offers full migration and ongoing support for Microsoft 365 technologies, including mailbox migration to Exchange Online, Email Archive Migration, Document Migration, SharePoint Migration and Office 365 training.

Our team of experts can provide expert guidance ongoing support for the integration of Microsoft 365 into your cloud-adaption strategy, along with ongoing management and maintenance of your Microsoft 365 cloud environment.

Azure Cloud

Cloud hosting continues to offer significant value to businesses and therefore is high on the agenda of most IT strategies. High-level considerations pertaining to cloud hosting revolve around cost-benefit, good governance practices, security and privacy, and hybrid vs full cloud.

Miosa 24 offers professional consulting services and ongoing management and support services to assist with Azure Cloud Platform deployments. Miosa 24 will configure, implement and support your Azure environment, provide enhancement consulting, provide ongoing patching and monitoring services, and cloud backup and disaster recovery.

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Cloud Hosting

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Hosted platform services provide a viable and trustworthy alternative for those looking for alternative solutions to Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Miosa 24 offers a hosted platform solution for businesses looking to host servers locally within South Africa’s borders. Miosa 24 will provide professional consulting services to ensure the hosted solution and connectivity requirements deliver a high-performing, SLA-backed, hosted platform that meets our clients’ business requirements.

Cloud Backups

Modern-day threats need modern-day backup and recovery solutions. By harnessing the latest developments to internet connectivity, Miosa 24 is able to offer a professional backup and recovery service with automated replication to cloud-hosted storage, ensuring localised backup destinations do not become a single point of failure.

Miosa 24 provides cloud backup and recovery as a managed service, ensuring the integrity and backup data availability is monitored on an ongoing basis.

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Cloud PBX

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Avoid large upfront costs on expensive PBX equipment by harnessing you’re high-speed
broadband internet connection to receive VoIP extensions to a cloud-hosted PBX

Our Cloud PBX offers a scalable service and reduced monthly spend through
favorable call rates and cheap inter-office calling.

Cloud Mail

Avoid large upfront costs on expensive Server equipment by harnessing you’re high-speed
broadband internet connection to our cloud Exchange solution.

Our Cloud Exchange offers a scalable service and reduced monthly spend through
eliminating the need to costly server maintenance and expertise.

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