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Essential Services

The basic services required to manage an IT infrastructure based on the SaaS model, giving you the ability to pay as you grow.

Easy Computer Protection

Essential Services 1

Traditional “Anti-Virus” solutions are dead. Modern-day security threats pose a significant threat to the security and safety of business information. Evidence of this may be seen in the proliferation of “ransomware” threats that have plagued the technology landscape in recent years. Miosa 24 continually seeks partnerships with industry leaders in the security space to deliver security solutions that limit the risk of these modern-day threats to our clients. Our Computer protection service makes use of a centralised platform for centrally managing all our endpoints across all clients, managing endpoint versioning and threat alerts from our central command centre.

Great Network Security

Modern-day threats dictate the need for intelligent firewalls on the network perimeter. Frequent advances and new threats have proven the necessity for organisations to implement next-gen firewall solutions as a component of their security strategy. Miosa 24 is able to provide outsource services that monitor, manage and maintain our clients’ firewall technology.

Essential Services 2

Total Email Protection

Essential Services 3

Email remains the primary mechanism for business communication. Email content, security, and continuity have all become increasingly sensitive to the latest threats and risks evident in modern-day threats such as ransomware. Businesses can no longer continue in the status quo, modern-day solutions need to be implemented to counter threats posed by ransomware, whilst also providing value-added services to business such as data analytics and marketing features. Miosa 24 will tailor the solution to meet your objectives and requirements, packaging an industry-leading solution to meet your needs.

Effortless System Backups

Disaster recovery is essential for business continuity and can save significantly in terms of lost revenue for every hour lost to downtime. Backups and particularly recovery, are integral to the recovery time objectives of every business. Miosa 24 offers an industry-leading backup and recovery solution as a managed service. We will tailor the solution to meet your objectives and requirements, packaging the licensing and management as a monthly service, reducing large upfront costs and providing peace of mind that backups are monitored and managed by a team of experts.

Essential Services 4

Supercharged Connectivity

Essential Services 5

Miosa 24 is a reseller of high-quality, SLA-backed, enterprise connectivity services in the form of enterprise-grade wireless and fiber connectivity. Our team of experts align the appropriate wide area network solution to your business requirements, ensuring quality connectivity, competitive pricing and service level excellence.

Expert System Monitoring

Setting up and managing an RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) system on an ongoing basis is often a very daunting task for an IT Manager. We use SolarwindsMSP for our own managed services and have the skills and experience to manage this system on an ongoing basis. We are now offering this system as a SaaS offering to the IT Manager. We will implement the tool and manage the alerts so then your Service desk gets advance notice of any issues under management. Reporting will be customized
to your requirements.

Essential Services 6

Complete Service Desk 

Essential Services 7

The PSA (Professional Service Automation) tool we use to manage our service delivery is now also offered on a SaaS basis to the IT Manager. We will implement the product and manage it for you on an ongoing basis customizing the reporting as you require it. Often companies do not have the time or skill to manage this important part of their own service desk. Reporting of service delivery will be customized to your requirements.

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