Managing your growth as a Miosa 24 Reseller:

Key Features
Monthly Fee
(No setup fee required)
Pricing are excluding vat
Web Hosting Packages Unlimited
Disk Space 50 GB
Traffic in SA 50 GB

The Reseller Plan offers a flexible grouping solution with generous traffic and disk space quotas, making it a feasible and cost-effective alternative for a growing business

At R595 per month, Miosa 24's Reseller Plan offers economies of scale and increases your profit margin with the more hosting packages you add to your Reseller Plan. This means that when you include more individual Home and Business packages to your Reseller Plan, you will reduce the aggregate cost per package, which is ideal for Miosa 24's Reseller customers.

Individual packages that are included in a Volume Plan, share the Volume Plan’s quotas. Should the accumulation of traffic or disk usage, across individual packages, exceed the quota allocation of the Volume Plan, over-usage charges will apply.

The Volume Plan at R595 per month offers 50 GB traffic. Once this quota is exhausted, an over-usage charge of R15 per GB will apply for a Volume Plan hosted in SA. 

Should you exhaust the 50GB Disk Space quota on the Volume Plan, an over-usage charge of R5 per 10MB will apply regardless of wether the Volume Plan is hosting in South Africa or Germany.

Benefits of the Volume Plan:

Instant account activation:
There are no server migration costs or DNS co-ordination for Web Hosting packages that are included in the Volume Plan. All individual hosting packages are included by default once you have placed your order for a Volume Plan.

Individual hosting packages can be included or excluded from the Volume Plan at the click of a mouse via cPanel, allowing you to choose the most cost-effective environment for a particular website project.

Predictable traffic costs:
Reseller Plan customers benefit from the reduced risk of exposure to unanticipated traffic costs as Web Hosting customers only pay for traffic associated to a specific domain. By contrast, dedicated hosting customers are charged for ALL traffic generated on their server.

Increased Uptime:
Individual hosting packages within the Volume Plan are distributed across Miosa 24's servers, instead of residing on a single server.

Reduced barrier to entry: the economies of scale benefit offered by a Managed Dedicated server is now available within a Reseller Plan but at a much lower cost. Once you resell a few hundred hosting accounts, a Managed Dedicated server may prove more cost-effective.

Better cost management: you can manage individual hosting packages via cPanel. Using the traffic and disk reporting tools you can ascertain whether a particular domain has exceeded its hosting package quota, allowing you to invoice your customer the over-usage costs.

Hosting package features retained: all characteristics of the individual Web Hosting packages that are included in your Volume Plan remain active.

No setup fee: you don’t pay a setup fee when ordering a new Web Hosting package as it is automatically included in your Volume Plan.


Remember that:

- Responsible Resellers have privacy policies which clearly state how, if at all, customer data will be used or distributed and under what circumstances.

- Responsible Resellers comply with the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of   Communications-related Information Act and the Promotion of Access to Information Act.

- Responsible Resellers have Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) documents on their websites.

- Responsible Resellers establish notification and take-down procedures for unlawful content and activity and respond expeditiously to such notifications.




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