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The internet can be a hostile place. Computer systems are constantly under threat from hackers, intent on stealing or destroying your precious data or infiltrating your system and using it as a base to attack others. Internet security is a priority in ensuring the safe operation of your business.

Pet Robot Think before you click! If you see a website that says you have a virus, and asks you to download software to remove the virus – then stop – think … Hasn’t your IT department already installed antivirus? This is called scareware. Instead of saving you from viruses – it gives you a virus and usually one that is hard to remove!

London Internet Security Services

  • Internet Security Firewalls


    Your firewall is your first line of defence against Internet threats. A firewall is usually a hardware device that sits between the internet and your network, such as the Fortigate. They permit or deny network transmissions, protecting you from unauthorized access while permitting legitimate communications to pass. It is a crucial part of your security defences. Firewalls create checkpoints between your internal private network and the public Internet.

    Miosa 24 can supply and help you set up and maintain your firewall. We recommend and supply products from the Cisco and Fortinet ranges, but are equally happy to other manufacturers if you prefer.

  • Internet Security Intrusion Testing

    Intrusion Testing

    How can you be sure your firewall is configured properly? There is only one answer – try to hack it! An Intrusion Test (sometimes referred to a white hat hacking) is a localised, time-constrained and authorised attempt to breach your system’s information security, using the same techniques used by unauthorised hackers.

    Miosa 24’s Security Testing Service examines your network with the most comprehensive vulnerability test suite available. You are provided with a detailed and comprehensive report on weaknesses found with suggested solutions.

    Our database of potential security threats is automatically updated daily from more than 6000 on-line advisories. We recommend that vulnerability assessments are run regularly to ensure that any new security weaknesses are picked up and dealt with.

  • IT Support Protection for Malware and Viruses

    Malware and Viruses

    When you are online you are exposed to viruses and malware. It is imperitive that all your computers that connect to your network have AntiVirus systems installed. Miosa 24 normally recommend Trend Anti Virus, but are happy to work with others as required. Symantec, McAffee, and Sophos are all perfectly good products.

    Your software is of no use unless it is up to date. Our proactive monitoring service will check this for you every day and present it in a reassuring email.



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