Our Company

Miosa 24 provides managed services solutions to small businesses in the Gauteng & North West regions. We offer customized support solutions to clients based on business functions and requirements from a Client centric and business orientated perspective.

Established in 2007, we have an experienced team of engineers who are trained and skilled in latest technologies to support your business needs. Our team of Pretoria-based technicians are ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

Our Method


 We start by taking a good look at your network and provide you with a clear service proposal based on your needs.


We thoroughly clean up and document your computer network so that we can manage and support it efficiently.


We install our remote support software and take over responsibility for managing your computer infrastructure.

Our Benefits

Outstanding Customer Service


We install our remote support software and take over responsibility for managing your computer infrastructure. 

Single Point Of Service


Does dealing with your internet, email, web hosting and software vendors feel like an unpleasant game of ping pong? At Miosa 24, everything is our problem. If an issue is outside of our control, we’ll deal with your technical vendors on your behalf.

Affordable Expertise


By sharing our team of experts you get your very own IT department at a fraction of the cost of hiring internal resources and gain access to higher levels of expertise. 

Peace of Mind


Who has access to your confidential documents? Are your backups even working? What happens in case of fire or theft? Let us worry in your place so you can start catching up on that “sleep” you’ve heard so much about.

More Free Time


You have better things to do than managing your computer systems. You can stay in control of cost and direction, while we sweat the details. 

Improved Productivity


We’ll help you make your business more competitive and efficient by using technology the right way. 

Reduced Downtime


On-call computer support companies increase their profit when your network breaks. Our business model, based on a monthly fee, ensures that we work extra hard at maintaining your systems and preventing issues before they occur.

Our Features

Fast Support


Your employees will get access to our high-quality support help desk. Give us a call or send us an email and your issue will be quickly resolved by one of our experts.

Your Own IT Champion


Your director will assist you with issues that fall outside the scope of support such as vendor relationships, strategic planning, equipment purchases and special projects.

Proactive Maintenance


We’ve automated server and computer maintenance tasks to keep your services and devices running smoothly while increasing their useful life. We’ll also keep your software and operating systems up to date to ensure optimal security and stability.

24/7 Monitoring


We keep an eye on your systems at all time and provide a fast response to all types of incidents. Our experienced system administrators handle those issues as part of your support plan.

Obsessive Backups


We provide and manage a complete backup and disaster recovery solution with multiple levels of redundancy so that you never lose an important file again.

Integrated Security


We manage your Anti-spam, VPN, Antivirus, Firewalls and WIFI to keep your network secure without getting in your way.

Documentation and Asset Management


We’ll maintain up-to-date documentation of your computer network as well as an inventory of your systems, licences and software vendors.



Our team of experts is at your disposal to plan and execute your projects – big or small.

Other Extras

Cloud Emails and Productivity Suits


Office One provides powerful email features, contact management, calendar sharing, mobile device sync and a huge amount of extra features.

Cloud Backups


Cloud backups provide an efficient and secure way to store critical data in multiple geographical locations to protect against theft, fire and natural disasters.

Web Hosting & Domain Management


We can host your website and manage your domains and DNS services for you. Our high-performance hosting service is offered exclusively to our managed customers and includes sysadmin-level support.

Co-Managed IT Services


We can complement your existing IT team by providing governance, help desk, system administration, monitoring and project consulting as independent services.

Advanced Web Hosting


If your website or web application is an integral part of your business, traditional web hosting might not be enough. Our Web Operations department can provide you with a scalable, high-performance and high-availability web hosting infrastructure backed with enterprise-level guarantees.

VoIP Services


Voice over IP is quickly gaining in popularity with solutions that are cheaper and more flexible than traditional telephone systems.

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